I love my job. Already this year I have shot 24 weddings and dozens of other shoots. I love being in the moment, working with people, finding the light, being creative in the moment and creating beautiful images that will be treasured for generations.

You may have caught on that I am kind of a dress girl… dresses, skirts, anything ultra femme is right up my alley. When shooting however I have to wear pants because of the style in which I shoot. I often find myself climbing on furniture, laying on the ground, crouching behind things and generally just unaware of my body. Though I have now mastered the matchstick colored crop pant I still love dresses.

When traveling home to shoot an old friends wedding I got hung up on the idea of wearing a black longer dress so that I could look and feel hott while still being able to keep my goodies covered! On my drive from Chattanooga to Louisville I stopped off at the new H&M in Nashville. There I found the perfect dress. Its a midi, black, has sleeves and a higher neckline (my boobs often spill out of things… Just makes me feel really unprofessional).

Then on Friday my mom took me to St. James art fair in old Louisville. There I came across a leather worker from NYC who was selling these leather fanny pouches! He only had one with two pockets but it was perfect. It fits my lenses so now I can carry 3 lenses on my person at all times! Rather than carrying my big gear bag around the whole day.

IMG_8405 IMG_8434IMG_8411 IMG_8426IMG_8436 IMG_8430 IMG_8417 IMG_8416 IMG_8429IMG_8414Add statement necklace from Etsy and peter pan booties from DSW and BOOM! I felt good and could do my job. I am strong believer that feeling good allows me to do a better job. Feeling confident always opens doors.

What’s your power outfit?




Penny Leal - those shoes tho. …and everything else too!

Molly Mallory Richards - THE hottest fanny pack ever! Nice.

Sarah Becker Lillard - LOVE the holster, the dress, everything!

Christy Huie - Gah, Love your outfit!

Beth Colston Cox - Luv your new digs !!!