Since Katelynd and I only live a block away from one another we are constantly bouncing back and forth to each other’s houses. I still refer to her my room mate even though it’s just  n o t  true. So this morning before she headed to school we were having mexican pizzas and fruit pops, just talking on the couch. Bouncing ridiculous ideas off one another and themed days came to mind. Think of is this way… its like spirit week for adults. Katelynd is a genius if you didn’t already know.

The idea being that tomorrow we all wear our favorite thrift store find and share it! You can wear something vintage, something given to you, or from a second hand shop. Really anything goes. Then tweet it @sheworeitanyway or email it to us at . We plan to re-share your outfits and then do a blog post!

We want to encourage you to take chances with your wardrobe. Feel inspired to wear that vintage lil frock you bought way back when and never have had the courage to rock. Realistically you look awesome in it and its just wrong for you to hide it away in the depths of your closet. SO BUST IT OUT!

Tomorrow is the day!

Be sure to hash tag your tweets and instagrams #thriftythursday #sheworeitanyways

Chloé - You can count on me! hehe!
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