You know we love a way to get free clothes! I personally can’t pass up the opportunity to dig through someone else’e ‘goodwill’ pile. GIVE ME YOUR LEFT OVERS!

IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0496

This was the best collaboration in the history of Chattanooga. A dream team if you will!

-The Whiskey Women – because no lady ever made history after ordering a Bahama Mama!

-Southern Sqweeze – juicing all kinds of goodness here in Chattanooga!

-Nightingale Network – bettering the lives of women in the area through collective philanthropy!

-Society of Work – a new collaborative work place that you need to check out!

and of course SHE WORE IT ANYWAYS!

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The way I see it last night was the perfect collaboration. The epitome of a real Whiskey Women. Who wouldn’t want to be a lady who


-works hard and collaborates with other talented people
-gives back to other women in her community
-knows the value of taking care of her body
-enjoys a good whiskey drink
-and feels confident while she WEARS IT ANYWAYS!
You could mark the night up as a huge success and join us next time!


Oksana Radionova (@FoxyOxie) - Unfortunately couldn’t make it this time, but I cannot wait til next! XOXO

satoyafoster - Gosh, I was TOTALLY going to come to this but I had to work. I hope you all have another one soon!