Summer is hands-down my favorite of the seasons. Dresses, swimming, windows down, sunglasses. That said you could imagine how I feel on that first morning. You know the one. You walk outside, and what’s that? A chill in the morning air. That smell of fall settling. A sign of change coming. Everyone goes about their business excited as they anticipate brisk walks with hot lattes, and commence with pulling out their scarves and sweaters.


It saddens me to pack away my summer dresses, tanks and shorts. I want to cling to summer as long as possible. SO needless to say, I search for any opportunity to do just that. Tall boot socks and boots with shorts is one way I’ve found to hold on to the season I love best. Pairing shorts with a long-sleeved top, sweater socks and tall boots keeps you covered enough to be warm at the start of fall. And best of all, those favorite cut offs can live to see one more day.



There are plenty of other ways to keep the summer pieces alive during September and October. Try layering a blazer or light sweater on top of your sundresses and trading in the sandals for a close-toed shoe. Add a vest over short-sleeved pieces, and even incorporate a lightweight scarf for a little added warmth.


Even though I’m sad to have kissed August goodbye, I will dwell on the lovely fall details even a summer gal can’t deny. The rich browns, oranges and mustard yellows even the trees clothe themselves with. Corduroy. Leggings. I’ll miss the heat, but change is good. So dig out your knits and tall boots, girls. And get ready for it.


Floral button-down from America’s Thrift Store

Gap jeans turned cut-offs

Sweater socks and boots from Target

  IMG_4036 IMG_4061

Auf wiedersehen, summer!