Yesterday  Maggie of Inks+Thread hosted a shibori dying class at Crabtree farms. I had the pleasure getting on board and honestly I think I am addicted. Never mind that my hands and finger nails are still blue and probably will be for days! She taught us how the indigo works and some tradition Japanese patterns to play with. Of course being the rebel I am I couldn’t follow directions, so I combined two the styles together to get a ‘bubbles’ or ‘rain drop’ effect.

IMG_7749 IMG_7751

How cute is Maggie to package up each of your scarves! She even used indigo dyed thread to tie them with.


She decorated the table with flower arrangements she made and brought along tools for us to use. You may not be able to tell but the carton the rubber bands is in is actually ceramic! WHAT! Tooooooo cute!


Golden rod is the Kentucky state flower. Kentucky is my favorite state.

IMG_7758 IMG_7760      IMG_7766 IMG_7769

When you first pull the scarf out of the dye it is actually a yellow green and then it oxidizes and turns that rich blue. You can dip fabrics multiple times to make it darker and darker.

IMG_7772 IMG_7775 IMG_7779    IMG_7784    IMG_7789 IMG_7791 IMG_7793    IMG_7796 IMG_7798 IMG_7801 IMG_7804

I got a little crazy and smashed stones between the boards to get this fun speckled effect.

IMG_7805 IMG_7808 IMG_7809 IMG_7812 IMG_7816 IMG_7817

These boots were a gift from my aunt 2 years ago for Christmas but after one wear they got really dingy. Let’s get real they were light grey and I let a friend wear them dancing to Alan Gold’s! Really fun night… but the poor shoes didn’t make it! Now they are amazing BLUE boots! I am still waiting for them to dry but I have a feeling they are going to be my favorite piece for fall.

IMG_7821    IMG_7829 IMG_7831 IMG_7832 IMG_7834 IMG_7835    IMG_7839    IMG_7846 IMG_7848 IMG_7849

I got this little dress at Target probably 5 years ago. It was cream and Lord knows I LOVE A RUFFLE BUTT. Goodness what I wouldn’t do to fit in GAP kids. Sadly the cream washed me out pretty bad and I had a pretty noticeable coffee stain down the front. I couldn’t bare to part with it since ruffle butts are so hard to find in adult clothing. With a few dips in the indigo this dress has easily another 5 years left in her!  I dipped the bottom ruffle a few extra times to make it especially dark and I couldn’t be happier with it.


I wore it out last night to Wine Over Water and it was still damp!


This is actually this tops third life. It was originally a white tunic that after a few years had a big stain on the belly… so… obviously I cut it in to a CROP TOP. Duh. Well light colored clothing never fares long with me. My boobs love the catch my coffee when it drips through the whole in my chin. Now a rich blue I am wearing this top today with a high waisted floral skirt, short red combat boots and a wool panama hat. The perfect transition from Summer to Fall.


Oh man! This dressed I bought at F21 a few years back when I decided I didn’t have enough nice dressy dresses that I could just throw on. As it happens I don’t really love wearing white dresses because I always feel like it makes me the guest of honor. The downfall of being a wedding photographer. So I Free People’d the hell out of this bad boy! I can’t wait to wear it with some heeled booties, an over sized drape-y cardigan and 2 million necklaces.


My final rebirth is my favorite Anthropologie top! Same story again white in color and stained. It’s been on a hanger on the back of bedroom door for weeks trying to decide if I trash my favorite go to dressy top or pay to have it dry cleaned and hope for the best!

The Inks+Thread Shibori Workshop was a huge hit…  I am thrilled with all of my new clothes! Thank you Maggie for being such a doll and putting together such a fun day for us! Check out Inks+Thread to find out when the next one is.



Maggie Pate - Loved hanging with you this weekend!! You’re post is awesome.

Paula Cash - I love all of it! (I remember trying to help you get the stain out of one of those tops)
GREAT job Jaime!