I believe there is something truly wonderful about having a place, a spot, a room that is mine and only mine. It looks the way I want it to look and feels like home every time I am there.  I wake up every morning with 5 pillows, 2 down comforters and little Milton curled around me. I look up an all I can see is white. It takes me a minute to orient myself and then I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for my place.

I have been dreaming of an all white room for years and clothing storage has always been a problem for me. I remember being a sophomore in high school when my dad built me my first custom closet. Two racks with shelves on top of them and tons of shoe shelves. It was awesome! Then… of course… I grew out of it and I have never fit in a closet quiet the same.

Now I am finally at a point in my life where I can give myself this dream closet. I have realized just how important a home base is to me. When my room is clean and organized I feel like I can take on the world! No joke!

So here is my room. Well my closet… Actually my walk in closet with a bed in it!


These clothing racks are made out of galvanized pipe and weigh 70 lbs each! When I ordered them I thought it would provide soooo much space to hang my clothes. Then they arrived and my clothes didn’t fit! Rather than adding a pole half way up for more storage I opted to do a big purge. Probably my largest cleanse to date! Now my collection consists of only things I really love. To read my theory on being a treasure collector check out my bio page.

IMG_6567IMG_6592IMG_6558 Another favorite piece of mine is my dresser. I bought it at America’s Thrift 5 years ago for $25! Its been a total gem in my home ever since. It was teal up until last year… on my first attempted at an all white room (which failed) I painted it white. I love the gold handles and wooden top.


I am not sure you can tell here but my clothes are actually sorted by type and then color. Katelynd would get so frustrated with me if she tried to hang anything up. It’s just one of those things! EVERY thing has a very specific place. I love know where every article of clothing is and love to have it on hand when I dream up an outfit.


Oh man! JEWELRY!!!  My biggest weakness and by far greatest waste money. I absolutely love accessorizing but get to a point in everyday when I hate for it to be touching me. This always results in the ripping off of my arm party and slinging of my cocktail rings… never to be seen again.

It’s a real problem.

However having a nice place to store all of the shiny goodness really helps me keep track of it all. I ordered antlers on eBay and simply painted them white.


Milton loves his new room!

IMG_6563 IMG_6559

My rug is a skin from Argentina that I picked up at yard sale here in St. Elmo.

IMG_6562 IMG_6581

Today I am wearing a hand dyed shibori top made by Maggie of Inks+Thread, a crystal and leather necklace made by Holly, a French market bag, feather ring from Fredonia, skirt from target and boots from F21.

IMG_6561        IMG_6599  IMG_6571

So there it is, my little niche that I have carved out in this very big world. Do you have a happy place? Or a very particular way of organizing that makes you feel good? Milton and I would love to hear about it!



Danielle Walker - This is lovely. Mine looks like an unorganized explosion. But at least all the chaos is full of awesome. Thanks for the good ideas Jaime! Perhaps I will finally scale down…