The t-shirt is a wardrobe staple with serious breadth.

Striped, graphic, band shirts, vintage…the really soft one you stole from that idiot ex-boyfriend. We’ve all got em! Maybe the biggest draw is that the t-shirt is a piece that brings with it SO many options, with a myriad of ways to style it up. We’ve worn them since childhood, and we’ll likely wear them till we die.

As much as I love a good tee, I often don’t feel great in them. Something about the cut being less than flattering… Perhaps this is why I fell so hard for this cute little t-shirt dress number. This simple dress took the quintessential piece of timeless fashion to a whole new level.

It boasts all the perks of the tee: comfort, wearability, ease of care…but it packs it all with a punch. It lends a bit of edge. Let’s get real… I am such a sucker for a key-hole or cut-out in basically any article of clothing, so the front cut-outs on this dress really sold me. They add just enough intrigue to such basic piece. More than anything I love that it can stand on it’s own. The dress doesn’t need a bunch of dressing up, so to speak, with accessories, or layering of other pieces.

Check it out, all by its self!

IMG_3830 IMG_3855 IMG_3833 IMG_3861 IMG_3836 IMG_3852IMG_3864 IMG_3838 IMG_3883IMG_3885IMG_3844IMG_3868 IMG_3840  IMG_3869  IMG_3848    IMG_3854    IMG_3857       IMG_3873     IMG_3888

T-shirt dress- F21, Sunnies- Dollar store steal, Toms black booties, Locally made earrings-Homegrown Silver and Stone and Cohen’s Hat- F21


When I wear this dress, I feel great. I feel like it looks good. And when we look good, we feel good. And when we feel good, not a damn thing can stop us.

Keep it good, ladies.