Neon Distraction

In the midst of winter I find within myself an invisible summer.

K, Milton and I decided to head out for some lunch, what we did was get dressed and take photos. Then stopped for FroYo on the way home. Happy Thursday Y’all!


Katelynd >>>

White Hane’s v-neck tee, denim vest from GAP, pants from Target, shoes from Michael Antonio, glasses D&G look a likes, jewelry from F21 and Collective Clothing.



Dress from Nasty Gal, button up from Target, tights from Walmart, shoes from J.Crew, sunglasses from target, hat from Free People, jewelry from F21 and Nasty Gal and clutch from GAP.



Jacket from and bow tie from Collective Clothing.




jaimesmialek - Thank you! Sometimes a lil bright color in your outfit will do just the trick to cheer you up! I have been loving these pseudo spring days.

kassidy - love love love! i wore neon pink pants and neon orange top this same day because i was feeling summery!

jaimesmialek - thank you! It was just so warm and beautiful yesterday, we couldn’t help ourselves!

Kati - I am totally obsessed with this! Endless summer! Miss you!

Miss Chris - no problem, thanks for stopping by!

jaimesmialek - WOW! So glad I checked out your blog! I can not believe those shoes are only $50. I will definitely be looking at that site a lil more!

Thanks for the love.

jaimesmialek - EMERSON! hahahah I plan to have posts on guys style too… maybe I should have named it ‘wore it anyways’ but I didn’t want to. ;) Love you. Make me food soon.

Emerson Burch - Since when is Milton a “she”? And, I expect to be featured on here, as well, as a designated “he that just needs an ‘s’ in front”.

Miss Chris - This makes me so anxious for summer, love your style!

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