Mid-day pseudo spring

Nothing especially thematic about this post except it was a pretty day and we were both wearing clothes. This house is just down the block from my house and is probably full of squaters but hey, who am I to knock squatting? I keep lifting my leg for photos when I know damn straight my tights are ripped. SMH.

Katelynd is wearing >>> Shirt from the GAP, shorts from H&M, found tights, thrifted shoes, jacket from Anthropologie via Rugged Warehouse, necklace Falling Whistles, glasses gifted from Jaime and daffodil by the illusion of spring time.

I am wearing >>> Dress from Target, tights and boots from Urban Outfitters, socks from GAP, jacket/watch & sunglasses from F21. Top bun from the matted mess that calls it self my hair.

Now go wear all of your favorite pieces at once and call it an outfit.



amanduhhhhh - I’ve got mad love for DIY hair. I haven’t had my color done by a professional since probably middle school!! I’ve been thinking of going platinum (from red)… yours is all kinds of gorg.

jaimesmialek - haha! I should never give advice on hair. I fly by the seat of my pants and buy all of my products at Walgreens! I love my hair but its basically fried. I recommend having a professional do it.

amanduhhhhh - I’d love a post on how you maintain your platinum locks!!

jaimesmialek - Thank you! Will do!

dailyfrancofile - Loving your blog Jaime! I love reading the blog of this chick too –> http://desertheels.com/ –> she is a fun fashionista as well. Keep it up :)