Arriving back to Chattanooga I feel solid ground under my feet again. Like Katelynd said in her Hello for SHEKAGO post, sometimes you have to do something that scares the shit out of you. I have been so excited to attend BLOGSHOP Nashville but come Thursday evening I realized I had no idea what I was getting into. I quickly cleaned up my room, threw some clothes in a bag and updated my Photoshop. Friday I went to Nashville a little early to shop, it always calms me but not this time. I bought nothing. YOU KNOW I had to be out of sorts to buy anything… Saturday morning I woke up at 5:00 am in sheer panic that I had missed my class! haha!

I think there is a level of not knowing that goes from exciting adventure to what the hell am I doing. I went there quick! Turns out all of my worry and stress was for nothing. I learned so much this weekend and met some really amazing ladies.

Here is a review of my weekend in photos.

20130819-120936.jpgIMG_0150 20130819-124017.jpg IMG_0166IMG_016720130819-120816.jpg

IMG_017020130819-120807.jpg20130819-121138.jpg20130819-121019.jpg20130819-121026.jpgIMG_016920130819-121033.jpg20130819-121121.jpg 20130819-120855.jpg 20130819-120911.jpgIMG_016820130819-121144.jpg20130819-121150.jpg20130819-121155.jpg20130819-121201.jpg20130819-121115.jpg 20130819-120946.jpg

20130819-121001.jpg 20130819-121208.jpg 20130819-121219.jpg




20130819-120953.jpg 20130819-121225.jpg20130819-120755.jpg

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