Pretty in Pink


This is Laura. She is a doll! She contacted me back in the fall about doing some head shots for her. For those of you who don’t know I am a wedding photographer by profession. If you love a good rabbit trail head straight this way.

I ran into Laura yesterday at an event hosted by the Socail Media Alliance of Chattanooga where Laura was giving advice on Pinterest! Afterwards I snapped some photos of Laura as she is always well dressed and I plan to share those with you soon. As for now here are some of my favorites from the fall. I mean who doesn’t love pink on pink on chambray on polka dots on glitter? Its the obvi perfecto combo.

Laura is wearing >>> Polka dot sweater and shoes from Old Navy, chambray and necklace from Target, GAP pants, ring from American Eagle, and sunglasses from F21


Can’t wait to share of more of Laura’s outfits with you. If her outfit wasn’t enough to get you salivating maybe her Pinterst is.