Needless to say I am a cuuuuuuurvvvyyyy girl. Tailored clothing rarely doesn anything for my figure and button up shirts do everything but stay buttoned! I was once in Walmart shopping and every single employee asked if I needed help finding anything. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what had gotten in the water. Then I realized my nice collared shirt was completely unbuttoned. Whoops.

I love the men’s wear look on ladies. My friend Heidi especially. She has a fun way of playing with color while wearing classic cuts. For me, yesterday was totally unintentional. Then my friend Kassidy sent a picture of her adorable Men’s Wear Monday look and I thought well…. me too! I was wearing cow boy boots, a chambray and bow tie(of sorts). Here is Kassidy being a total babe!


I cant’t get enough of her mixing patterns and fun color pop with that yellow blouse. Also please note that yummy over sized watch!






So ladies, no matter what your shape or size, take a chance and play with a little men’s wear. Also if you are ever just totally rocking out a look you love, SEND IT OUR WAY! She Wore It Anyways is for everyone. Thanks again to Kassidy for strutting your stuff!




jaimesmialek - Sadly, no. Its just metalic. I got it for like $5 at F21. It’s a personal fav. I can’t wait for you to visit in January… So many clothing treasures for you to check out… and borrow!

Rachael Rennekamp - i want your skirt…. is it sequined?