I think that everyone needs to do at least one thing that scares them shitless. For some, this may be jumping out of a plane. For others it might be a blind date, and for a shocking amount of people it’s wearing those neon pants you bought 5 years ago and have since stuffed to the back of your closet (gone, but not forgotten).

As I sit at my window in a tiny quiet living room looking over a rainy Ukrainian Village in Chicago, I am scared shitless.

Chattanooga has been my home for a culmination of 20 years. I’ve come and gone a few times, but for the most part she is home. She is the mother I cling to in my sickness and sadness. She holds some of my happiest memories and most of my greatest loves. There comes a time when one must separate from their comforts and leap into a terrifying unknown. For me, this is that time. As some of you may know about me, I am the biggest protester of change. I have worked at the same job since high school, I have parted my hair the same way since birth, and I still listen to Taking Back Sunday. Only within the last 3 or so years have I begun to take this fear into my own hands and become, as one of my dearest loves once described herself, a “roll with the punches kinda gal”. My heart burns for people that run after their passion, rope it, hog tie it, and make it their bitch. My moving to Chicago is the beginning of that chase.

(These photos were taken a few days before I left)

IMG_4792 IMG_4720IMG_4745 IMG_4799   IMG_4723 IMG_4749 IMG_4780 IMG_4726 IMG_4757 IMG_4731 IMG_4788 IMG_4737 IMG_4761IMG_4782 IMG_4738 IMG_4771IMG_4784 IMG_4742 IMG_4743        IMG_4779      IMG_4790

I want to thank SWIA for supporting me in this exciting and terrifying time, and for always reminding me that if I want a nautical printed high waisted pant and polka dot button down tank to match…then by God THEY DO. I have been promoted/promoted myself from SWIA co-creator to Top Chicago She Correspondent. You can expect street style, weird Wicker Park wear, and big city superlatives. I will still write for the blog and Jaime and I will communicate via satellite/UPS/FaceTime/snail mail/HOWEVER we possibly can to bring to you the weirdest/most awesome/classiest/trashiest/floral covered style that we can muster. And thus begins our plight toward total world domination.



Erin @ Midwest Beauty Review - (Thanks for the mention Battered Employee!)

Welcome to Chicago, the greatest city in the world! Great shopping, great fashion, great people–what’s not to love! Plus, we’re just a stone’s throw away from the awesomeness that is Midwestern farmland. Best of all worlds!

Battered Employee - Good luck with the move. If you’re looking for some Chicago-themed fashion reading, check out my friend Erin at http://midwestbeautyreview.com