My dear friends,

I have a confession to make. I have been holding out on you, I have kept this secret for far too long and I am ready to share with you my possibly life changing discovery.

Allow me to introduce to you, the back tuck. I’m sure most of you have become accustomed to the mullet dress, the mullet shirt, and possibly even just plain old mullets. But the back tuck, ladies and gents, could be in the running to revolutionize the entire mullet game. It’s really quite simple, almost TOO simple. I don’t know about you guys but I am somewhat offended by this whole exposing my belly while covering my ass business.

The back tucks mission is to take the mullet, flip it 180 degrees and allow you to show off that bubble butt and disguise the super sonic breakfast burrito you may or may not have scarfed down in record time at lunch.

IMG_4685 IMG_4705 IMG_4687 IMG_4710 IMG_4688 IMG_4712 IMG_4692 IMG_4706 IMG_4700       IMG_4713 IMG_4682

So get out your dukes, tuck that back, and let your FUPA flag fly!!!