Okay girls, bring it in.  You’ve been waiting for it and it’s finally here…’s better than raiding your big sister and her cool friends’ closet cause it’s free and you don’t have to be sneaky bout it…’s the Naked Ladies Clothing Swap!  This Week!  WHAT IS UP!

Surely you already know why clothing swaps are awesome, but just in case you need the point driven home here’s the deal: swapping clothes is one of the basic tenants of Slow Fashion. It’s everything all rolled into one: recycling, upycling, sidecycling (ok I made that one up), repurposing, saving money, preventing waste, staying local, finding clothes you can’t find in stores anymore, igniting your creativity! So get to it – swap out items that have slowly made their way to the back of your closet and bottom drawers for jazzy new summer grub!


And as if that wasn’t enough, Sweet Cycle Apparel will be selling our locally made “Slow Your Fashion” t-shirts.  I mean, you’re already supporting the ideals of slow fashion just by being there so why not trumpet it out and let people know that foxy girls everywhere are participating in the movement in lots of different ways!  We made these t-shirts because we are PROUD to be part of the movement, and we know you are too.

We freakin’ LOVE slow fashion and we can’t hide it anymore! These shirts are so comfy, you won’t want to take them off, plus they are hand-printed on eco-friendly tees. It’s a good way to spread the word, show support, and BONUS: a portion of the proceeds of each t-shirt benefits WIN-WIN!

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GIVEAWAY >>>> here is how to WIN your Slow Your Fashion T-Shirt!

All you have to do is comment on this blog post.

Then read this Chattanooga Times Free Press article to become more educated on the topic.

Don’t forget to read our most recent post on Slow Fashion and why its so important to us.

A winner will be chosen by July 17th and the winner can collect her T-shirt at the Naked Ladies Party on the 18th!


  Annie and Christine

sweetcycleapparel - Thanks Jennifer! We are both proud owners of Feral Finds and admire your work as well. ~ Annie & Christine

sweetcycleapparel - Thanks Jennifer! We both are proud owners of Feral Finds and admire your work as well. ~Annie & Christine

jaimesmialek - Hey Lesley!!! You are the winner of the t-shirt!!! If you want to shoot me your address I will mail it your way!

Lauren Haynes - Rad shirt and rad message. Yes please!

Lily - These are so cute!

rachel - Great shirt and event!! Smart and sexy are always IN!!

Katie Holden - !!!! I’m so excited for this!

Lesley Betts - Man – I want to have a Naked Ladies’ Party in Burlington! Such a great idea! I love it.

Catharine - This is awesome!! I had no idea this was going on right here in my backyard. Truly inspiring!

Cathy - Make my free shirt an extra large please!!

Smac - I love these ladies and I love the ideas of slow fashion! I must admit to being skeptical that any if the cool kids would wish to swap their duds for mine; maybe I’ll be a spectator on this one to get the feel. That t-shirt does look super comfy, though!

jennifer wright - hi! i love the concept & shirt. beautiful work =) ps, i sell my clothing at elementality in asheville, nc…..& LOVE your new skirts! im impressed!

Lindsey Lowe - I’m a Forever21 addict, but I agree. Let’s repurpose, thrift and sew whenever possible!!

Must Have Boxes - Fabulous giveaway! I adore this shirt.

- KW

monika - How fun! Can’t wait to be back in the Chattanooga area and check out all this fun stuff. I’m there in spirit!

G. K. Stegall - Very excited to see how Slow Your Fashion will move forward. Good luck to you ladies!

amanduhhhhh - Ooooo I’m feeling inspired to do a swap in my town!! What a great idea!

pastelhell - Thank you for the giveaway!

lookoutknoxville - OH I hope I win! I know I’d blog about it, tehehehehe

margaux - OH I Hope I win! I know I’d def. blog about it. tehhehehe

Donna Boo - You are two very amazing women. Your creativity and talent and care really show in your clothing.