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I’m new around here, so an introduction is appropriate, right? I’m Emily Unkle, and there are lots of things I could tell you about myself, but these are probably the most important. I grew up in the magical fields of North Georgia on a farm. As a 10 year old I thought I was Ellie Mae […]

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I’m still pretty awkward. I’ve come to accept that this is how I’ll always be. Some find it endearing (thank god). And some, I’m sure, find it amusing. If you would have met me six years ago you would have concluded the same. I use to over do it. Too much hair, too much makeup, […]

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A few moths ago at the St. Elmo bazaar I ran into some friends who had a booth. They were selling hand made jewelry and I fell in love! I purchased this charming little necklace that has a leather pouch with a crystal in it. It quickly made its way to the top of my […]

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